CTC For Progress is a social-welfare organization launched by leaders of Changing The Conversation Together, a PAC that has used “deep canvassing” to stop Trumpist politics since 2017. [You can learn more about the PAC here.]

Deep canvassing builds relationships and engages voters emotionally. It’s the most effective form of voter persuasion ever measured.

In 2022, the Philadelphia Citizen highlighted our work in a front-page piece called “How to Really Turn Out Voters.” WURD Radio (“Pennsylvania’s only Black-owned radio station”) also featured an in-depth conversation about CTC For Progress.

Our technique has been used for partisan and non-partisan work from Staten Island in 2018 to Pennsylvania in 2020 to Georgia in 2021. Our work has also been featured in the NY Times, the Nation, WNYC/NPR, The American Prospect, NowThisNews and the book Politics Is For Power.

Over the past few years we have also built a community of trained volunteers who are remarkably dedicated to learning, disseminating, and expanding this work.