Our training covers the basics of deep canvassing, using an approach developed and refined through years of research, workshops, and evaluation. We want to make sure we’re equipping canvassers to have the greatest possible impact, so we invest a substantial amount of time with you workshopping, training, and evaluating your program.

What is deep canvassing?

Deep canvassing is an innovative form of voter engagement where canvassers connect with voters emotionally through storytelling, empathy, and respect. Research has shown it to be the most effective form of voter persuasion ever measured.

CTC’s numbers from the 2020 (presidential) and 2022 (midterm) elections show that the turnout rates for the people our canvassers spoke with were a whopping 10 and 15 percentage points higher than their comparable neighbors.

What makes deep canvassing different?

When you send volunteers out to deep canvass, you don’t just hand them a list of voters and a script. You first take the time to train them how to connect their deep personal values to the urgent issues of our day. In so doing, you equip volunteers with the tools they need to reach and activate unlikely voters through meaningful, effective conversations.

Our research has shown that time invested in deep canvassing pays off in powerful results, moving people to vote in much higher numbers than traditional approaches. Our training will equip you to maximize the impact of your organization’s work, both to win in 2024 and to build power for a better future.

How can I deepen my practice as a deep canvasser?

Have you been out on a canvass with us already, and looking to progress in your ability to do this work and help others to participate as well? Here’s how you can expect your experience to evolve as you come to more canvasses throughout 2024.

  • In each canvasser’s first 3 canvass cycles with us, you’ll be asked to join the full training cycle, (including story workshop and canvass). You’ll be offered extra coaching between sessions as well.
  • After that, you’ll likely be invited to join the coaching team either as a coach or as an “experienced canvassing partner” (ECP) who helps coaches support newer canvassers.

As we build more capacity we will also offer a session for experienced canvassers to come early, short briefing before spending more time knocking doors.


For more information on deepening your deep canvass practice or how your organization can set up deep canvass training, please send an email to

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